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Using Facebook pixels effectively: how do I do it?

By April 2021, India alone reported 330 million Facebook users.

Making Facebook one of the most popular advertising platforms in the world.

You might be asking yourself, how can you effectively take advantage of this platform?

Now finding your potential audience in that 330 million users is like finding a needle in a haystack! No, really!

The good news is that there are ways to reach the audience that is likely to buy your product/service.

Have you heard of Facebook Pixel?

If used correctly, Facebook pixel can be magical.

What is Facebook pixel? 

As with Google Analytics, the Facebook pixel tracks website visits and activities of users who visit your site via Facebook Ads. Every Pixel account is provided with a unique code that can be integrated with your website to trigger and track cookies. It can also be used to track and trigger various user events or actions, such as

  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete registration
  • Add payment info
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wish-list
  • Initiate checkout
  • Search
  • View content
  • Contact
  • Customize product
  • Donate
  • Find location
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Start trial – when someone signs up for free trial
  • Submit application
  • Subscribe: Someone subscribes to a paid product or service.

With Facebook Pixel, we can also create audiences based on behavior and triggers.

Your business gets a list of options for creating an audience of users who have interacted with it.

If you select “Website” as a source, you can select an activity or a particular page to retarget.

One of the most amazing features of Facebook Audience is the lookalike audience.

Let’s say John Doe purchased a product from your website via Facebook Ads. People like John Doe, for example, becomes a potential customer. Facebook will show your ads to people just like John Doe, meaning people with similar behavior, preferences, backgrounds, and other factors! What an amazing thing!

We can choose how broad or narrow our lookalike audience should be.

Click on the source you want to create a lookalike of, and voila!

You can use the Facebook Pixel to target your customers based on their stage in the customer journey! To learn more about this in detail, please subscribe to our channel, a blog is coming soon!

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