Paalm Interiors

Interior Designing Studio


Inspired by how nature blends with enclosed living spaces in all of Paalm Interiors’ projects, we designed this logo to depict the brand’s design philosophy.


Real Estate Blog


An upcoming real estate, exterior design, and interior design blog, Vality is a logo we loved working upon. After several iterations, we finalized this one because it perfectly describes what the blog is about.

Himani Patel

Makeup Artist


A watercolor finish logo depicting a makeup artist toolkit, surrounded by a splash of color to bring subtle drama to the graphic.


Women’s Fashion Brand


Sophisticated feminine iconography in muted pink and barely-there grey.
This abstract design depicts the flow of fabric along a woman’s curvaceous body.

Mint Rose

Women’s Fashion Brand


The Mint Rose logo shows feminine sophistication and unbridled eccentricity through the use of an icy, minty blue rose with midnight blue leaves.

Pur Carbon

Carbon Fiber Products


Inspired not only by the arrangement of carbon atoms in the Buckminster Fullerene structure, but also by honeycombs in nature, the Pur Carbon logo is minimalistic, smart, and almost functional.


Women’s Fashion Brand


Tiffance is an American women’s wear brand that curates swimwear, gym wear, Yoga outfits, and more. The goal was to keep the logo simple and memorable while infusing a certain cyclical movement into it.

Let’s Work Together

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