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Digital Marketing Meaning

Nowadays, the term digital marketing is thrown around very casually. There is no one perfect definition of digital marketing. Depending on who you ask, social media, email marketing, or content is the answer.

Let us dissect the term in an easy way!

What is Marketing?

To put it simply, marketing refers to activities and/or actions taken to promote your products/services to potential customers.

What is Digital?

The internet technology? Anything that is doesn’t include pen and paper.

Digital Marketing would then be the activity and/or action taken to promote the product/service using the medium of internet. It can be Social platforms, Emails, Affiliates, search engines, online magazines, blogs and the list can go on.

It is an ever-evolving field and people must be able to unlearn and relearn, to stay on top of digital marketing today. There’s always going to be something new every day, it started with Orkut and moved to Facebook. It doesn’t just apply to platforms, but also to consumer behavior. Consumers are becoming smarter and smarter every day. The Internet is at everyone’s fingertips. There is no such thing as brand loyalty anymore. But research and knowledge is!

To be effective, a digital marketing strategy must evolve over time.

Here is a very simple example of this evolution: creative images once ruled the world (they still do, but with competition). We live in an era of video. Micro bloggers were also given opportunity through Instagram’s IGTV platform, which began with YouTube bloggers.

The audio revolution is now underway. In addition to Podcasts, which are awesome for passive listening btw, consider how Club House is gaining traction. It combines not just the ability to have passive listening but also the freedom of conducting an audio meeting and seminars while multitasking.

After videos and audios, what do you think will be the next thing that people will become addicted to?

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