Design is such a powerful skill. With great design, comes great brand acceptance and power to influence your target audience and we can assure you that you have come to right place.

What We Do Best

No other company will go into this detail to ellaborate on their service because we have got the best team to make your brand succesful.
Logo Designing
Logo is the most essential part of a brand. It aides in brand communication, it is able to influence masses and helps represent the brand.  We at SCRAFT can help you make a mark in the world with your brand. We can make game – changing logo your brand needs
Branding Typography
Typography is one of most important aspect when it comes to branding. All communications in association with your brand will utilize your typographic decisions. We at SCRAFT can help you utilize or create the right font your brand needs in order to appeal greater to your audiences.
Product designing
Under this service, we provide packaging design, product rendering, 3d modeling, texturing based solutions. We have had experiences in creating multiple product/3d based solutions along with package designing.
Website Designing
We have a team of User experience designers who can specializes in Web designing and research, thereby giving you the best quality of websites in terms of design and functionality.
AR/VR Visual Designing
We have a highly dedicated team who specializes in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We can create and design experiences for your vision. We are the only few brands in India who specializes in this capability.
Brand Strategizing
Under Brand strategy, we can lay out a path for you as to how your brand can grow in terms of its visual appeal and brand value. We will also guide your brand to success from the audience perspective so that you do not lose out on the customers in the long run

Let us introduce our design team

Our design team is filled with User Experience designers, 3d artists and graphic designers. Our robost design team can help you execute your vision fast with great quality. For knowing more about our design capabilities, please feel free to contact us 🙂

Fun Facts

Content Created

Followers targeted

Total engagements

Clients happy

Our “EPIC” work process flow.

The secret to our success in projects that we work on, is because of our working style and ethic or just EPIC
We have worked with over 500 national and global clients. You can explore more about our projects below.
Excellent Research
Our research covers hashtags, keywords  demographics , psycographics etc.
Pure Effort
We will use our teams complete potential to get your business growing and engaging
Iterative Approach
We also pivot our methods of approach once we find a efficient way to achieve results which will have long term benefits
Care and Support
We treat accounts like how parents treat their babies 🙂

Let’s Work Together

If you have idea or a project, awesome! You can send us a message over here or you can contact us on the number mentioned below. Please dont hesitate to ask us any question.